GCCA promotes the City of Gonzales internationally and works as a liaison between various cultural entities, including but not limited to, festivals, schools, churches, art associations, businesses, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other institutions which comprise the culture of the city. Its purpose is to enhance the lives and environment of the citizens of Gonzales and the surrounding communities.

GCCA is pleased to present a coffee table book entitled, Gonzales and Its Surrounding Areas. Originally published in 2013, the book is on its second printing. This 100 page book is full of beautiful photographs of our area. The book may be purchased for $25.00 at City Hall or from a GCCA member. Contact us today to obtain your copy!

An Ocean Apart but Close at Heart

Our Book

Our mission is to foster cultural exchange and raise awareness about our shared heritage, in order to bring the Gonzales Area closer to the rest of the world.

Meylan is located in what was the royal, Dauphine province of France. GCCA’s logo is a combination of a symbol of the Meylan region (the dolphin) and a symbol of Gonzales (the jambalaya pot).

Our Logo



Our Mission

In even-numbered years, the City of Gonzales hosts a delegation from its twin city, Meylan, France. Gonzales citizens welcome old and new friends from Meylan to stay in their homes for an intimate experience of life in Gonzales, Louisiana. GCCA organizes a week of stimulating activities to immerse visitors into the fascinating local culture. In odd-numbered years, Meylan, beautifully surrounded by the magnificent French Alps, likewise hosts a delegation from Gonzales.


The societies of Gonzales and Meylan are mutually benefitted and enriched through hosting. During annual exchanges, incredible places are discovered, new ideas are formed, and lifelong friendships are made.

The Committee is composed of a group of private citizens, and annually elects a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and other chairmen responsible for certain events and responsibilities such as publicity, trips, etc. The group meets every month and keeps accurate financial records and minutes of meetings.

Gonzales Committee

on Cultural Affairs

Our Purpose

Our Organization

Date:   Third Thursday of every month

(with the exception of June,July, & November ~ party in December!)

Time:     6:00 pm :

Potluck. Members bring food & drink; club provides paper products

Place: Gonzales Fire Department
724 W Orice Roth Rd, Gonzales, LA 70737

Call 225-253-1675 for current agenda topics.